We currently develop & publish the XUMM application & platform user interface in English. We have received many offers by community members to help out translating the app, which is absolutely awesome ❤️ 

We'll probably add translation tools in the future, to make it easier for people to edit transactions without coding / Github knowledge. We have some ideas of providing context for translations as well. However: first things first. We're not there yet. This means some knowledge about editing code (files) with JSON formatting and forking on Github is required 😇 

To help translating XUMM:

1. Fork the repository (a Github account is required)

Translations are present in two repositories. The mobile app:

... and the backend & pages for users visiting sign requests on the web:

Use the "Fork" button on the upper right corner of the page.

2. Browse the translation / locale folder in your forked repository

For the platform (Signing web page) translations, open the /translations folder. For the App (iOS/Android), open the /src/locale folder.

3. Create or edit the existing translation file

The App translations contain strings like "%{payAmount}". The Platform (Signing web page) translations contain strings like "<b>__txtype__</b>".

Substrings like this will be dynamically replaced in the translation. Please leave content like this as-is, and translate only the words / sentences in between / around them.

Now look for the language (or locale) code you'd like to translate, eg. "nl.json" or "nl.js" for Dutch (NL)

3A. If the language code (file) is not there yet

Click the "Create new file" button on the upper right corner of the file listing.

Now create the "xx.js" (Platform) / "xx.json" (App) file, where xx should be replaced by the language code. In case of a specific variant (region specific) translation, specify the code as xx_YY where xx is the language code and YY is the region, eg. es_MX for Mexican Spanish.

Now copy the contents of the en.js / en.json file and you are ready to start translating. 

3B. If the language code (file) is already there

Click the file, and click the Edit (pencil) icon on the upper right corner of the file content view.

4. Save your changes, and add a commit message

You can save (commit) multiple times, and just continue where you left off

5. When you are ready: submit a "pull request"

Visit your forked repository home page, and click the "New pull request" button:

We will now be informed that you added translations. We will review and merge them. You'll then be mentioned in the main repository contributors list, for eternal fame and appreciation ❤️ 

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