This article provides an example of how to set a trust line with a specific non-XRP asset using a specific method. Both were arbitrarily selected as examples. It is not intended to exclude other ways of accomplishing this or other assets.

This processes uses the XUMM Community tool to create a transaction.

XUMM.Community is a project by nixerFFM (not affiliated with XUMM but using the XUMM signing platform with permission and endorsement of XRPL Labs, the creators of XUMM).

Any questions regarding XUMM.Community directly should be directed to the appropriate party via the web site.

Add a trust line from an account in XUMM as follows:

Go to the web site

  • Select 'Sign in with XUMM'
  • XUMM.Community will display a QR Code
  • Scan the QR code with the XUMM app
  • XUMM will show a and sign-in transaction
  • Sign the transaction if necessary
  • Select 'Accept' in the XUMM app
  • Verify the correct XRP Ledger network (Live/Test) is in use in the top right corner
  • Select 'Trust Set (Trustlines)'

XUMM Community Trust Set Options
  • In the 'XRPL Address which issues the IOU' field
  • Enter the issuer address: r...
  • Then select the asset (token code) from the proposed list
  • Review the Trust Line Limit and adjust as needed

    N.B. At the time this article was written this defaults to a value of one million.

    It is recommended to read the second paragraph of the trust line documentation on the XRP Ledger Development Portal with help understanding the appropriate value for this field for your case.
XUMM.Community Trust Line Limit
  • Select "Send Trust Set to XUMM"
  • Sign the transaction using the XUMM app


This article is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a recommendation for a particular asset, service or method. No express or implied warranty is offered. XRP Labs will not be held responsible for the results of following this procedure or any mistakes errors or omissions in the article or the application of the information it contains beyond offering support on a best-efforts basis through regular support channels.

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