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How to migrate from Toast Wallet to XUMM


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  • Hi,
    Thank you on this Instructions
    I work tro the steps i have 2 problems in the end:
    1. My old wallet still open in toast.
    2. In xumm i have 20 coins less
    You sad in the begining i didnt neet to lose the reserve

    Note from the XUMM Support team:

    You can indeed use the same on ledger account (wallet) in multiple clients - simultaneously. The account & balance lives on the XRP ledger, multiple clients can access that account at the same time.

    The 20 XRP reserve isn't gone in XUMM: XUMM simply displays the amount of XRP that can be spent (that is available). If you tap the "Explain balance" button on the home screen, next to the balance, you can see the breakdown including your 20 XRP reserve.


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