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Exchanging currencies


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  • brokeharvard

    Is there any plan to allow for the exchange of IOUs (or creation of offers) for other IOUs directly from XUMM (by interacting with the XRPL DEX)? I think this is the main feature that would make XUMM start feeling like non-custodial Coinbase, similar to the non-custodial Exodus wallet. It doesn't seem very difficult to coding wise to add this feature, particularly given that XUMM already allows for the exchange of an IOU to XRP and vice versa. Sologenic has already implemented this feature on their DEX interface (which merely reflects the open XRPL offers), so if the XUMM team is too busy to develop this feature from scratch, it may be easier to integrate the Sologenic DEX interface through the Sologenic API (but again, doesn't seem that difficult to coding wise to implement this feature through direct interaction with the XRPL).

    -- Note by the Support team:

    Yes: we're working on that, an xApp to do exactly that :)


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